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Orders: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you return artwork?

We do not return artwork sheets as a matter of course. However if you want your child’s artwork returning, please send us a stamped address envelope and list your child’s name and school / nursery or group. We only keep unordered artwork until the 31st of December of the same year.

How do you ensure that children’s identities are protected?

We have a very robust system in place. For details, please see this PDF.

What happens if the child’s name is spelt wrongly on the artwork sheet?

No problem – we have developed the website to allow you to edit your child’s name at the point of order. You can even change it to a nickname if you wish!

I have more than one child at the same school / nursery or group – can I order them together?

Our website will prompt you to add any additional children once you have selected your first. You can then toggle between each child within the online shop and add products for each to your basket before checkout.

I have more than one child at different schools / nurseries or groups – can I order them together?

Absolutely. Once you have added the products you’d like to order for your first child into your basket, please choose the ‘change group order portal’ button and begin the process again for your other children. The products ordered for your first child will remain in your basket.

What shall I do if my child’s artwork has been cropped incorrectly?

If you believe this to be the case (ie. part of the text or images are missing) please contact our customer services. It’s likely that it has been drawn outside of the provided area on the artwork sheet, but we are happy to check.

My custom upload has been cropped incorrectly – is this how it will be printed?

Products will be printed exactly as per the online image previews on our website. If you are unhappy with how our system has auto-cropped your custom upload, please use the ‘crop and position’ feature to change this.

I’ve made a mistake with my order – how do I correct this?

Once an order has been placed and confirmed, no changes can be made via the website. It is possible changes can be made by contacting our customer service team, but only if the order has not yet entered the print process.

Can I still order if I don’t have a PayPal account?

Yes – please select the option to checkout using a credit / debit card once directed to the PayPal page.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Once the order has been placed and payment made, we estimate 10 working days for production and delivery. You will receive an email to advise you once your order has been dispatched.

Can I have my order delivered to my child’s school / nursery or group and save postage costs?

Unfortunately our system is not set up to support this. We try and keep postage charges to a minimum and only charge enough to cover our costs. Usually it’s £1.99 for smaller, flatter, lighter orders like cards / tea towels etc and £4.99 for parcels (so things like mugs, water bottles etc). We do have a carrier charge of £9.99 for really heavy orders but you have to order over 2kg of goods to hit this, so most orders fall into the two smaller charge brackets.

What shall I do if I’m unhappy with my order?

As all of our products are personalised, each sale is final with no returns excepted. If your order has arrived and is damaged or incorrect, please contact our customer services to resolve this.