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Fundraising: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you return artwork?

We do not return artwork sheets as a matter of course. However if you want your child’s artwork returning, please send us a stamped address envelope and list your child’s name and school / nursery or group. We only keep unordered artwork until the 31st of December of the same year.

How long does it take from when we register?

Upon registration we will dispatch your fundraising pack. We will advise you of the deadline for your artwork sheets to be returned (usually 2-3 weeks is sufficient but the nearer to Christmas you register the less time you have to complete them). Once you have returned those to us, it usually takes 48 hours for them to be scanned and uploaded to our website. Once this is done, we will advise you immediately via email to release your group order portal login codes by giving out the promotional leaflets and lapels stickers. The sooner you can get the worksheets back to us, the sooner orders can be placed.

How do we get the completed worksheets back to you?

Once the worksheets have been completed by your children, collate them together and package them up as best as you can. We have received numerous damaged parcels before and have as a result ended with lost artwork, so please do take care! Pop the parcel to your local post office and return it to the address at the bottom of the worksheets. Unfortunately we cannot arrange a collection service.

How do we collect all the orders in?

You don’t. Once you have sent back the pictures to us, we do everything else. All you have to do is give out the promotional leaflets / lapel stickers and publicise the project as best you can.

How do we collect in the money?

You don’t. We collect it online at the point of order when they are personalising the products.

Can people order without doing it online?

Unfortunately not, all orders must be processed through the website due to the personalisation elements.

What happens if the child’s name is spelt wrongly on the artwork sheet?

No problem – we have developed the software to allow the buyer to edit the child’s name on the products at the point of order. They can even change the name to a nickname if they wish!

What happens if we need more artwork sheets than we originally asked for?

We will automatically send you 10% more artwork sheets than requested, but if this isn’t sufficient you can request more sheets to be sent out.

What happens if a child has drawn part of their picture outside the box on the artwork sheet?

The box on the artwork sheet is the correct dimension and ratio for the products parents can order, so if any image is outside the box area it will be cut off and not appear on the product.

How do you ensure that children’s identities are protected?

We have a very robust system in place and regularly update the security certificates on our website. The children’s names will never be displayed in full and can only be searched for once access has been gained to one of our secure online group order portals using the login details that only you have control of.

When do the finished goods arrive?

Once the order has been placed and payment made, we estimate 10 working days for production and dispatch direct to the customer.

How do we find out how much commission we have raised?

We will contact you in January of the following year to advise your commission amount and request your BACS details so that we can process the payment.